Fit Over 40 Review

A Transformational Life Coach, a Health & Fitness Counselor, an award winning author, and the creator of the "M-Power audio series", Jon Benson started from a unique base to produce this program. As an obese, "older" man, Jon interviewed 54 fit and healthy over 40's to act as role models for research into his program. Jon garnered together their secrets of success, and now shares his research findings, which are aimed especially at the over 40's.

This program contains no fads, no fancy dieting programs, no hype, etc. etc. You receive down to earth, solid, amazing information that is research based. The inspirational thread in these findings contains a great deal of useful information that targets your health and your weight, not to mention anti aging.

Jon deserves his well gained accolades as a person who is attempting to assist an older demographic with his tips relating to:

1) Getting your body back to a healthier, more youthful condition
2) Increasing your attractiveness
3) Harnessing anti aging strategies
4) Getting you looking better than you did in your teen years
5) Stopping you playing with various diet programs and getting you to do what has been proven to work for other people.
6) And so much more...

Check the live reviews and testimonials, some from public figures that you might recognize.

Deserves a big thumbs up for the focus on live, researched methods without hype!

Fit Over 40