Panic and Anxiety GONE Review

You encounter a stress situation and your chest feels tight. Your stomach is churning and you feel dizzy and nauseous. It feels like you are going to faint, or even die. At that moment in time the only thing you can focus on is breathing and staying conscious.

For over 40 million Americans this experience is a way of life, a paralyzing, crippling condition that has a significant impact on how they live their lives, in constant fear of experiencing another panic attack, and wondering when it will happen. Until recently I wasn't aware of the implications of anxiety and panic attacks, that is until I met Edward Golding.

Edward Golding is author of "Panic & Anxiety Gone," and a former anxiety and panic attack sufferer, but looking at him now you would never guess. No more sweating, trembling, gulping and shallow breathing, Edward is a changed man. Sick of being reliant on drugs and having to deal with their side-effects, he researched and discovered a better way of managing and overcoming the anxiety that was crippling his life. Looking at him now you would never guess he was the same guy that only a few years ago had a very real social phobia that nearly prevented him from finishing college.

The internet hosts a number of so-called experts, claiming that their new patented method will work wonders for your anxiety disorder, but very few can deliver on the promise in the way that Edward can. After talking to Ed, I did a bit of research on the subject and realized that Ed knows a lot more about panic attacks than I thought.

So what makes his product different?

Well the first thing is that he doesn't promise to fix your anxiety issues in one step. If our lives were designed to be that simple, anxiety attacks wouldn't affect 40 million people. Edward takes his anxiety and panic attack research a lot further than others and has created a holistic 4-Step System to stop panic in its tracks as well as prevent future attacks. It's innovative, thorough, and brilliant!

People are complex beings and Edward recognizes that. A method that may work for one person isn't guaranteed to have the same effect on the next person. Why is that? It's because we are all different. The things that trigger one person's panic attack are quite different for the next. So why should we believe that one method, technique, or mantra is going to be a magic cure-all for everyone?

It isn't. Edward Golding has developed a holistic 4-step system that takes into account a whole range of recommended methods and techniques, and takes you through surviving your panic attack as it is happening, as well as making lifestyle changes and setting action plans and methods in place that will stop anxiety attacks from occurring again. That's what I really liked about "Panic and Anxiety Gone," it helps you through the panic attack and then helps you make changes to your lifestyle and management of anxiety in your life.

"Panic & Anxiety Gone" examines why you are feeling anxious and exactly what it means. That's really reassuring. One of the most scary parts of anxiety is not understanding why it is happening. Edward does a great job of breaking it all down and explaining what it's all about. Next, he looks at panic attacks and ways of diagnosing one. There are actually a number of conditions that mimic the same symptoms of panic attacks, and it helps to know what they are!

Edward then deals with the panic attack itself and ways to get through it. He has created a 10-Point Panic Prevention Plan that is invaluable in helping you get through a panic attack with as little distress as possible. It's great stuff and really addresses the root of your panic attack and how to survive it. The third step in Edward's system is eliminating anxiety for good. This is where this book really comes into its own. He identifies predispositions to anxiety, triggers, lifestyle factors, and a 5-point Anxiety Management Plan that addresses key factors like diet, exercise, relaxation techniques and much more. Step 4 looks at examining your options for professional medical care, and demystifies the process by examining what options are available and what is involved in a formal diagnosis.

This would have to be the most thorough look at anxiety and management of panic attacks that I have seen. I was truly impressed and I know you will be too.

Let's face it, anxiety is all around us and the most effective method is in finding new ways to manage and live with it, processing it in a positive way instead of letting it build up and trigger another attack. Edward Golding's "Panic & Anxiety Gone" is a must-have for anyone serious about eliminating anxiety attacks and changing their life for the better.

And take control of your anxiety today.

Panic and Anxiety GONE